How to contact us

Chat with us here on our website, email:  service@suyitranslation.com.au call us on 0492125650, or text us on 0492125650. Wechat ID: suyikf106, Line: suyizx, Whatsapp: 0492125650

Is SUYI translation NAATI-certificated?

Our translations are created by NAATI-credentialled translators whenever applicable and are thus “NAATI-certified” (although it is technically not the translation but the translator who is certified).

Is the translaton accpted by the Department of Home Affairs for immigration matters? 

Yes, as our translations are created by NAATI-credentialled translators, they will be accepted by all Australian government entities, including the immigration division of the Department of Home Affairs.

Where are you located? 

Our office is at 2 Park Street in Sydney. Please be advised that this is not a walk-in office. We are a Web-based business, and our service is email-centred.

Do you have a walk-in office?

No, our service is Web- and email-based, which is much more convenient and allows us to provide services much more quickly.

Can I bring the document to your office?

No. It is not possible to drop off or pick up your document in person, as we do not have walk-in offices. You can rest assured, though, that we are bound to strict confidentiality as per the AUSIT Code of Ethics. In addition, we can sign a confidentiality agreement if you require one.

How do I get my document to you?

You can send us scans or photos of your documents to service@suyi.com.au, or upload your files here on the website. We will reply with a free quote within 15–30 minutes during peak hours.

Can you translate my document if I am overseas. 

Yes, of course. Our service is Web- and email-based. All we need is a scan or photo of your document. We can still post your officially certified translations to any address worldwide.

Do you have to see the original? 

No. A scan or photo of the original document will be enough in most cases. 

Can I use your translation to rent a car?

Yes, but you must check for yourself whether you need paper originals. Typically you don’t.

My name is spelled differently in my document and passort. Can you spell the name in the translation of my translated document?

No. Translators are bound by the AUSIT Code of Ethics to translate only what is on the document. If there is an error in your document, you will need to go back to the authority that issued the document to have it corrected. We might be able to add an explanatory comment in some situations, though.

My name can be spelled in many differnent ways. How does the translator know which spelling to use? 

We normally ask you to provide the name in your passort to us. For documents that are not written in the Latin alphabet, we always ask clients to provide us with the spellings of all proper nouns (people, places, organisations) in the document before we begin the translation. There are limits as to what we can do, though, because of legal regulations.

How do you keep my privacy information?

SUYI will keep the original document and hard copy for you untie the end of following month, and will be crused after expiration. Similarly, the translated electronic documents will be permanently delted at the end of the next month to ensure the safety of your information.